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Texas Mutual

A long-time advertising client of Wick Marketing, Texas Mutual is the market leader in Texas workers’ comp insurance with 40% market share. When we began as their advertising agency in 1999, they operated under a different name in relative obscurity and functioned almost as a state agency. We’ve taken them through two name changes and ongoing brand-building advertising campaigns since. In 2013, it was clear that it was time to leverage their category dominance and brand strength with fresh messaging and graphics to create new brand momentum. After a thorough brand mapping process that included competitive benchmarking, industry trends analysis and stakeholder input, we recommended new white-hat positioning as a safety-based carrier with the well-being of all Texas workers at heart. We created a new tagline and updated the existing logo with messaging to meet new business goals.

Since that time, Texas Mutual has owned that space, and Wick has created a series of campaigns to support that position, including the current campaign–On the Job–featuring individual workers across Texas who all put safety at the forefront of their varied and interesting jobs.

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