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Freehold Communities

Wick Marketing has been part of the Freehold Communities Creative Dream Team since 2014, when the developer began developing its first master-planned communities in Florida and Texas. Since then, Wick has helped open seven Freehold master plans across four states, with social media, blog and email marketing programs.


Initially, Wick Marketing was retained to develop and execute a scalable social media program to apply across the portfolio. Creating a sense of place and building value and interest in the communities among builders, Realtors® and homebuyers was the goal. 


Because Freehold was new to these markets, Wick Marketing had the opportunity to help establish consumer confidence and brand identity from the ground up. Wick continues to make an impact for these communities through the use of ongoing strategic social media marketing to reach and engage the online community, content creation and management of the blogs, plus email marketing to nurture leads. 


In addition to placemaking in diverse markets, what is particularly exciting about this opportunity is that Wick Marketing was part of the marketing team that helped design the Freehold Communities brand platform, Vital Communities™. Vital Communities, along with relevant community, local and regional attributes, continues to inform content strategies across the properties.

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